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Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)

IaaS is a cloud computing model that provides on-demand access to computing resources such as data center, servers, storage, networking, and virtualization.

Digital Park is hosting these resources in either the public cloud (meaning users share the same resources with other users) or the private cloud (meaning users do not share these resources)

Cloud data center

This service allows businesses to do everything they do with a physical data center, this time on their "cloud data center"!
The key difference is that they no longer need to rely on any hardware.

Cloud data center applications

Below we see some of the most important applications of cloud data centers in any industry or field that provide services or products online.

Implementation of organizational programs and software

VPC is a great solution for cloud users who want full control over their software-as-a-service (SaaS) enterprise applications and prefer powerful customization options, primarily because it isolates their cloud assets and infrastructure from other cloud users.

The possibility of entering the market faster

This possibility is an approach to develop new products and services. When companies build and run products using their cloud architecture, they bring new ideas to market faster, reduce time to market, and respond to customer demands sooner.

A great option to achieve security and stability

A cloud data center is a popular option for companies that prefer not to use consolidated cloud resources. The ability to share data with other companies (perhaps even competitors) makes private cloud platforms an ideal safe haven for them.

Implementation of complex multi-layer programs and systems with high processing requirements

You can design and implement the architecture you want to implement your own systems and programs using the cloud data center.

Advantages of cloud data center

By owning a cloud data center, you will enjoy many advantages, some of which are mentioned below.

OpenStack admin panel access

Admin Panel Access is a web-based graphical interface that provides extensive management to use built-in tools to architect your cloud infrastructure.

Using the desired image

Using this feature, you can install and use your desired and special image on your desired VM.

Automatic backup

Use automated cloud backups to manage and restore Block Storage from backups. With this service, you will prevent data loss.


Using SDN, manage networks that are highly complex and reduce costs by reviewing your network topology without deploying additional physical equipment.

Load Balancing

Load balancers are a critical feature for cloud computing infrastructures that manage the load distribution of requests with a predefined mechanism between multiple servers.


You can take an Image of the latest settings and configuration of your current infrastructure at any time and reset it at any time on any other cloud infrastructure.

Resource optimization

With reduced operational costs and lower demands on your internal IT team, you can focus your efforts on achieving your key business goals and core business competencies.

Cloud server
Scalable, secure and high performance

Digital Park cloud server provides you with all the features of a powerful server on the cloud environment in just one minute. By purchasing a cloud server, you will not need to purchase physical hardware and you will save time and money. While buying a Linux or Windows server, you can choose the amount of resources you want and benefit from a fast and economical server.

Cloud server features

Our cloud servers are built on the platform of reliable, fast and strong cloud infrastructure, and its resources are exclusively available to you.

Select the desired operating system

Choose the operating system from different versions of Windows or Linux.

Rapid increase or decrease of resources

Increase or decrease resources at any moment of the service.

Server delivery in one minute

Cloud servers with operating system of your choice are created for you in a minute.

Support 24/7/365

Benefit from free support every day and at all hours of the day and night.

Web management console

The server's management console allows connection even when the server's access to the Internet is interrupted.

Adjustable firewall

In the cloud server firewall settings, add and apply your desired rules.

Access from all over the world

You can access to any cloud server at any time and from anywhere in the world.

Uptime up to 99.99%

Digital Park cloud servers are offered with the highest uptime rate, up to 99.99%.

Cloud CDN service
Fast, safe and worldwide content distribution network

Our CDN service is a solution based on distributed scrubbing centers throughout the world, which delivers your website content to users with high speed and low latency. By purchasing a CDN, improve your security, increase your SEO quality and save on the cost of bandwidth for your servers.

CDN service features

Reducing the users and server distance

Delivers content to the user with a higher speed and lower delay with a network distributed throughout the world.

Free SSL certificate

Secure the authentication process and information exchange and improve the security of your website with a free SSL certificate.​

Improve responsiveness

The CDN service increases the ability to respond to multiple users by caching, compressing and minifying information.

Higher service security

Protect your website against cyber-attacks including DDoS and improve your security by purchasing Digital Park CDN.

Saving the source server resources

The CDN service reduces the amount of data reading from your servers and thus saves server resources.

SEO improvement

By purchasing a CDN, your information will be loaded at a higher speed for users, and as a result, the SEO ranking will improve.

Permanent content access

If your server is temporarily unavailable, the CDN service will display the latest website content to your users.

Free cloud DNS service

With Anycast routing, along with providing free DNS, you can manage all domains in a very simple way.

Web Application Firewall (WAF)

WAF is a powerful shield against advanced layer 7 or application attacks in the OSI model. The web firewall of cloud security works automatically and its use does not require advanced knowledge of the cloud domain. WAF protects your services against zero-day vulnerabilities, malware and man-in-the-middle attacks and provides advanced reporting of attacks to your server. Cloud security web firewall rules are not limited to the default ones and you can add and manage your own rules based on IP.

Automatic protection against vulnerabilities

Web Firewall protects your server and services against Zero-Day vulnerabilities, network equipment security holes, and Man-in-the-Middle attacks.

Protection against malware

Web Firewall protects your information and services from malware and malicious tools by automatically checking data packets and keeps your server safe.

Dealing with OSI model layer 7 attacks

WAF is a strong wall against application layer DDoS attacks and blocks attacks such as XSS, SYN Flood and SQL Injection.

Advanced reporting of attacks

Web Firewall provides you with advanced reports of attacks on your server, the number of blocked attacks, hacker information, and the time of the attack.

Restrict IP

In the web firewall, you can create lists of desired IP addresses so that the users you want do not have access to the content of your website.

Advanced rules management

Web Firewall allows you to create and manage rules, activate rules in real time, and activate and deactivate each rule separately.

Providing cloud security against DDoS attacks

Digital Park cloud security is based on a network of scrubbing centers in Iran and the world. Scrubbing centers are a collection of pop sites that block DDoS attacks on layers 3, 4 and 7 of the OSI model with the help of anycast architecture. Any attack based on protocol, volume or application to your server will be cleaned in the scrubbing centers before reaching the server, and only healthy traffic will reach your servers. With cloud security, you can also ensure that search bots and authorized traffic are able to enter your server network. As a result, your website is always available to users with high stability.

Guide to buying a IaaS

Your business needs are the first thing to consider before determining your cloud data center resources. So to make the right choice, your security needs, technology requirements, variable workloads and data-sensitive workloads are your important variables. In addition, the "Digital Park" integrated cloud dashboard will be provided to you so that you can change all the facilities and infrastructure in a moment. Before you build your cloud data center, you can prioritize and correctly identify your needs through communication with our experts in the form of Get technical advice.

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